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Terri's answers to your questions about Animal

QUESTION: 80s NuWave is a distinctive sound that is not prevalent in todays music. For Animal, was the early unique Berlin sound a motivating factor in the direction this album has taken or have you decided to take a new and different approach?

ANSWER: Kind of both. I wanted people to hear the Berlin they know but with some new sound flavors too.

QUESTION: How was the artistic journey with "Animal" different from all the others over the past few decades?

ANSWER: Great question. So different! I think mostly because I'm different. I enjoyed it all more, I didn't ride myself so hard, or judge myself as harshly as I used to, and I savored the whole journey of creating the music more than I ever have before. Getting older teaches that; our time is finite so don't miss the fun! One day it will be gone. One of my favorite quotes ever, that I carry around with me, came from a book about the late Chris Farley (SNL). "And then there was Chris Farley, who made it his mission to make every show he did the best one possible, AND enjoy it."

QUESTION: What is behind the name Animal for the album?

ANSWER: Andy, my manager. No I'm not having sex with him; he came up with the title from the song itself. Fit perfectly! I want my music to help people get out of their heads, feel primal and physical, just FEEL. Let go! That's what great music does for me. It's better than drugs, puts me in a bliss state. If I can dance to it, even better.

— Terri

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